UK Phone App

UK Phone App

Find UK’s mobile numbers.

To get a UK mobile or fixed number, dial 1471. Search engines may be able to allow you to enter the number into Google. Telephone numbers can be managed by the Office of Communications in England. Ofcom has developed a system for assigning telephone numbers to subscribers Call Nation and Ajoxi. These numbers can come in different lengths. Mobile phone prefixes are customizable.


All mobile numbers, all geographic numbers, and almost all non-geographic number have ten National Numbers after the “0”. The UK National Numbering Plan follows a similar structure.

Types of prefix services

  • International 00
  • 01 Geographical area codes
  • 2002 Geographical area codes have been established.
  • 3 Other Geographical Numbers : Charged at the standard geo area code rates (introduced 2007, 2007)
  • 04 Not in use
  • 05 Corporate Numbering; VoIP Services; Toll Free Services (0500) Available until June 2017.
  • 06 Not in use
  • 07 Mobile phone telephony (071xx075xx/077xx079xx), personal numbering (070xx), UK mobile network (0624) and pagers (076xx).
  • 08 Free Toll-Free Phone Service (080x), Special rate Services (084x or 087x).
  • 09 Premium rate services

United Kingdom area codes can have lengths of up to five digits. However, it is not common for them to be nine digits.


London has (020), with the highest population. 028 is the code that denotes Northern Ireland’s largest territory. It is (020). The UK Numbering Plan also applies to three British Crown dependencies–Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man–even though they are not part of the UK itself.

It is used by 40 municipalities. Some subscriber numbers only have five digits. The six digit numbers are used to block all other DE blocks within the area code. As of July 2005 there were only 329 available ranges in 42 codes. This number dropped to 324 by April 2010, according to the following list. You want the area code the helping The Wholesales VoIP provide by the area code a 502 area code and 540 area code. You can also get this website call forwarded to another number and click it.

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