Singapore Local Number

Singapore Local Number

The Info-communications Digital Agency (IMDA), controls the phone numbers in Singapore. All numbers belong in the same area, and all numbers are assigned the exact 8-digit format. There are ten possible categories they area service provided by calling this website Call Nation and Ajoxi.


Before 1985, subscribers in Singapore had phone numbers that were between five- and six characters. In the 1960s, fixed line growth led to 5-digit and 6-digit numbers being introduced. These numbers were then changed to seven digits due to the emergence of new cities like Tampines (Tampines), Jurong East and Bukit Batok in 1965.


The digits 9′ were added on September 1, 1995, to the front mobile phone and pager numbering systems. This gave numbers eight digits. On September 1, 1995, the digits ‘9’ were added on to the front mobile numbering system, giving the numbers eight digits. It was important to create an efficient way to implement the plan without any disruption to customers. StarHub was a public telecommunications company. StarHub used 7-digit phone numbers to announce the number changes between 1 April 2002 and 30 june 2002. To disconnect, callers need to add the 6th digit to the old number.There are area codes number have a Wholesales services is area code by the 506 area code and 551 area code.

  • The 8-digit number of mobile phones started in March 2004 with the number 8, as a result of increasing mobile phone numbering.
  • Infocomm, at the time, was the regulating body and created a policy framework that would govern IP telephony. Additionally, 8-digit numbers were introduced starting with the number 3 for such services.
  • Singapore to Malaysia calls were made in a direct manner and were comparable to domestic phone calls. Only the area code or numbers of the Malaysian mobile codes or fixed lines were required. 03 for Kuala Lumpur cell phone and 019 Celcom cellphone carrier were used instead of +603 and +60 19, respectively.

To call Batam in Indonesia using the 011 code, This code should be followed by the area numbers (minus “0”) as well as the subscriber number. The subscriber will dial 011-778xxxxxxxxxx to call Batam in Singapore.

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