Real Phone Numbers UK

Real Phone Numbers UK

Telephone numbers can be managed by the Office of Communications in England. Ofcom has developed a system for assigning telephone numbers to subscribers by the Lets Dial and Call Nation. They can be of variable length. These prefixes don’t have to be placed in a specific place and can be transferred among providers.


Nearly any mobile number has 10 National numbers after the “0”. The UK National Numbering Plan uses this structure.

Prefix Service

  • International: 00
  • 01 Geographical area codes
  • 2002 Geographical area codes have been established.
  • 03 No-geographic Numismatic Numbers: Charged according to standard geo area code rates. (Introdued 2007, 2007).
  • 04 Not in use
  • 05 Corporate Numbering; VoIP Services; Toll-Free Services (0500) Available until June 2017
  • 06 Not in use
  • 07 Mobile phone and telephony (071xx075xx and 077xx-019xx), personal numbering (070xx), UK wireless networks (062444), pages (1676xx)
  • 08 Free Toll-Free Phone Service (080x), Special rate Services (084x or 087x).
  • 09 Premium rate services

You can also call them freephone numbers. Toll-free calls from landlines will be free.


A calling prefix works in the same way that a geographic code does to identify a number you can call for free or without charges. Phone networks have changed from electrical call switching into fully computerized, stored-programmed controlled ones.

Originally, the call to the party was made through a phone company operator. An operator must agree with the remote telephone number to pay the charges after the call is completed manually. Calls to large businesses and government offices were overwhelming making it difficult for operators as well as callers to reach the right person. They have area codes provided by the services area wise 515 area code and 585 area code.

Toll-free telephone number

Operator-assisted telephone conversations can easily be demonstrated by Zenith phone numbers in the U.S.A. and Canada as well as the original manual Freephone service offered by the British Post Office. 1960. Both systems had similar approaches. In the U.S., the caller would say “Zenith 2345”. There are some areas that may substitute “Zenith”, “Enterprise”, or even “WX” for the word “Zenith”.

About Toll-Free Number

In every case, an operator would pull up a suitable number from the directory to place the call. A Zenith number was normally available from a predefined area, any one or more nearby towns to a province or state. This number was included in local directories that covered every community where the subscriber accepted inbound fees. You will get this website’s free gsm number and click it.

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