Indian Online Phone Number

Indian Online Phone Number

India has many mobile numbers. It started with two private + BSNL/MTNL. Later, it was increased to three private+ BSNL/MTNL. They begin with 9, 8, 7, and 6. Every cell phone number has 10 numbers. NNNNN is used to identify a subscriber by Call Nation and Prepaid Mall, while  denotes both a network operator or a telecom circle operator.


India’s Department of Telecommunications manages India’s telephone numbers through the National Numbering Plan of 2002. India was assigned the country code “91” by international agencies. A telecom circle usually includes all of a state. However, there are some exceptions such as Mumbai and Kolkata which are not within the state’s respective areas 508 area code and 563 area code.

Calls from Mumbai Metro, Maharashtra Telecom Circle and Chennai Metro, Tamil Nadu Telecom Circle to route and pay Access Deficit costs (ADC) are considered intra-service area calls. These states would also have a simplified dialing process for calling within their state. dialing of mobile-to-mobile subscribers and fixed-to-mobile subscribers would be without prefixing ‘0’.Telecommunication Union in the 1960s

Fixed-line (landline) numbers

  1. 11 – New Delhi, Delhi
  2. 22 – Mumbai, Maharashtra
  3. 33 – Kolkata, West Bengal
  4. 44 – Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  5. 20 – Pune Maharashtra
  6. 40 – Hyderabad, Telangana
  7. 79 – Ahmedabad Gujarat
  8. 80 – Bengaluru, Karnataka

All telephone numbers (area code and number), are 10 characters long. A number is used to follow the area number 751 in Gwalior.

  • Fixed-line and landline numbers can only use 8 digits.
  • Format for dialling fixed-line numbers
  • You can call any number within the same region code from any landline.
  • To dial Indore’s landline phone number, one would need to dial
Phone number
  • Call 0731 to reach a Mumbai phone number. Enter the number.
  • To get any Indian mobile phone, dial 0731 and then the number
  • Please dial +91 if your location is not in India. Next dial 731. Next dial 731.
  • Some exceptions were made prior to 10/03/2009. To reach Delhi (from Gurgaon), dial 951+landline.
Mobile numbers

India’s most used mobile number  Each subscriber has a unique six digit code. You will get this website get a mobile number for free and click it and read.

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