How To Get A Canadian Phone Number In USA

How To Get A Canadian Phone Number In USA

Canada uses a fixed-length Bell System format in order to provide telephone numbers. This is represented in 1 NPA. Long-distance call should not contain “1” as the prefix. This is only for calls to Canada landlines. International calls to countries that are not within the country code+1 area must use the 011 suffix. Next dial the country number and then the significant number.

Province / Territorial Codes (Overlays In Italic

  • Alberta 403, 503, 780, 825
  • British Columbia 236.
  • Manitoba 204.
  • New Brunswick 506
  • Newfoundland and Labrador 709
  • Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island 782 & 902
  • Ontario 226, 249, 289, 343, 365, 416, 437, 519, 548, 613, 647, 705, 807, 905
  • Quebec 367, 418, 438, 450, 514, 579, 581, 819, 873
  • Saskatchewan 306, 639
  • Yukon, Northwest Territories.

Mobile phones

The standard mobile number that a recipient receives for a mobile telephone call will be given to them. It’s the same number as a traditional land-line number and then uses this website for a toll-free number to get is easy talk Ajoxi and Lets Dial.

GSM and CDMA based mobile phone service providers will be replaced by UMTS. Bell Mobility, which was the country’s largest provider of mobile phones, shut down its CDMA network January 1.

Premium & toll-free telephone numbers

Non-geographic, toll-free telephone numbers (+1 800),833,[3] 844, 855], 866,877,888) and premium rate telephone numbers are all allocated from same blocks as US numbers (+1 900). Numbers with exchange code NPA  are also costly premium calls.


Phone numbers should always be written in as stated above. 250-5550199 (250-555-0199), 250-5550199 (250-5550199) and 250-5550199 (250-5550199) could all be used for the number 250 555 9999. The global standard for phone numbers is area code and 484 area code and 530 area code  without any spaces, hyphens or characters. The Government of Canada’s Translation Bureau recommends hyphens for groups. 250-555-0199. You will you get this website bell virtual number and click it.

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