Get A Mobile Number For Free

Get A Mobile Number For Free

Where can I find a virtual telephone number?

How do I get my virtual telephone number for free? Once you have created an account, it is possible to start using your virtual telephone number. Toll-free or freephone telephone numbers allow for you to only be charged for the calls that arrive and not to your originating subscriber by the Prepaid Mall and Lets Dial.


A calling prefix is similar to a geographical code to identify a number that can be called for free or toll-free. Phone networks have moved from electrical call switching to fully computerized, stored-programmed controlled networks.

In the beginning, the call was charged to the party calling. There were large business and government organizations that received large numbers of collect calls. It proved frustrating and time-consuming for the operators and callers.

Toll-free phone number

Before toll-free phones were invented, many telephone companies had to offer a manual version. Operator-assisted telephone conversations can be demonstrated by the Zenith Number in the U.S.A., Canada, and original manual Freephone service from the British Post Office of 1960.

Both systems were similar in their approach. Call the operator and ask for a specific number. In the U.S., this would be “Zenith 2245”. Some areas may substitute “Zenith” with “Enterprise”, WX, and/or “Zenith”. Some areas may substitute “Zenith”, “Enterprise”, or even “WX” for “Zenith”.


In any case, the operator would pull up a relevant number from the list to place the call. A Zenith phone number was typically available from a predetermined location. This could be any distance from one or many cities, or even from a country. The number was included in the local directory of each community from which the subscriber was willing and able to make inbound calls. They have area code by the Wholesales VoIP will be provided by the 507 area code and 562 area code.

Manually calling an operator to place a phone call toll-free until InWATS was introduced by Bell System on 2 May 1967. Linkline (later called “Freefone”) 0800 by British Telecom 12 November 1985 brought about a significant increase in call volume.

Telephone companies now use computerized switching technology. The system allows for routing toll-free calls based on central databases. You will get this website Singapore local number and click it.

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