Free Number Brazil

Free Number Brazil

Brazilian telephone numbering plans include a 2-digit area, 8-digit phone numbers and 9-digit mobile numbers. The short numbers used by public utilities are usually 1 through 3.

Local dialing

ANATEL (the Brazilian telecom regulator agency) has created the format for local telephone numbers. This is for mobile phones. It is nine digits.

  • 1: A short, limited number of public utilities. (see below).
  • 2-5 Landlines
  • 6-8: Unused
  • Mobile phones 91000 to 999999

Only allows for long-distance phone calls. It is no longer used Ajoxi and Call Nation.


Some areas of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro were inhabited before the 1990s. Parana. Santa Catarina. The Rio Grande do Sul had a three-digit area code and either five  or six  Even though the area code is only two digits in Sao Paulo, there are still six-digit telephone numbers. In smaller towns, and before the advent of direct distance dialing, shorter numbers existed in the past.


The prefixes used to identify landlines that started at 9 in DDD 11,’s region, were changed in the late 90s. They were replaced by prefixes that began 69, 64 and 24 respectively in Sao Paulo or Guarulhos.

Prefixes that begin with 8 and 7 were changed to reflect 8digit numbers. There were 22 area codes in 2001/2000. Up until 2005, some localities used seven digit local numbers  These numbers are now replaced with eight-digits  span> Except for Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo, 7 digit landline numbers were given the number 3 prior to the new number. The ninth digit was added in the late 1990s.

Toll-free number

This number was only assigned to the 7-digit numbers starting at 3 or 8. All others received a new one. It has happened many times that the state’s interior, or litoral in Sao Paulo, has lost the 7-digit prefix. These numbers have been standardized with an 8-digit number starting at 3 on landlines and 9 on mobiles. Greater Sao Paulo’s numbers begin with numbers 2, 4, 5, and 6.

Mobile number

Mobile phone numbers starting with 8 are in reserve. These numbers were later used for making mobile devices. The 6th number is used to establish landlines within Sao Paulo’s 11 area code. The initial 6 was used for Sao Paulo’s 11 area codes and other cities.

There is area codes that have Wholesales VoIP services that can be used these two area code will be helpful if 517 area code and 586 area code. There were some exceptions. At the beginning of 2010, there were 5 prefixes to 5 phones in Greater Sao Paulo. Telephony used intercept messaging during the transition period. It was used to determine whether calls were being directed toward cell phone numbers. You will get read the blog for this website is real phone numbers UK and click it

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