Free GSM Number

Free GSM Number

India’s mobile numbers, including pagers, on GSM/WCDMA networks start with 9 or 7. Previously it was two private + BSNL/MTNL. It was then changed to three private + BSNL/MTNL. Mobile numbers in GSM, LTE, and WCDMA start with 9-8, 7 or 6. All mobile numbers have 10 digits. XXXXX is used to identify a telecom circle operator or network operator. NNNNN is used to identify a subscriber by Call Nation and Ajoxi.

Telecom circles

India is divided into several circles by the Department of Telecommunications. Each circle is where a call is considered local, while calls outside these areas become long distance calls. A telecom circle is the entire state. Sikkim and Assam are not part of the Northeast zone. Telangana is the new state.


Calls from Mumbai Metro, Maharashtra Telecom Circle and Chennai Metro, Tamil Nadu Telecom Circle to Uttar Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh (East) would be considered inter-service calls to avoid Access Deficit Charges (ADC). No prefix would be required for fixed-tomobile subscribers, or mobile-tomobile subscribers to dial. Reliance Jio introduced “six series number-mobile numbers” in December 2017 keeping in mind India’s growing population. This was done in response to India’s growing number of users area code 510 area code and 574 area code.


A telephone number is used to switch calls via a system using destination code routing. Subscribers can be assigned telephone numbers within the context of a national or regional telephone numbering program. This could include commercial entities or state-managed administrations.

In Lowell, Massachusetts, telephone numbers were first introduced in 1879. It replaced the need for subscribers’ names and was used by callers to connect directly to switchboard operators. There were many formats and lengths, with most letters of the alphabet being in leading positions. These were before telephone exchanges became popular in the 1960s.

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