Bell Virtual Number

Bell Virtual Number

A virtual number is also known as direct inward call, DID or access numbers. This is a telephone number without a linked number. It can forward calls, and send them to one of several pre-determined phone numbers. They can also act like a gateway between VoIP- and traditional phone calls by Call Nation and Prepaid Mall.

Why does a virtual phone work?

Virtual phones, which can be used as internet-based numbers, do not require any specific device to connect. Instead, they connect to an existing telephone line. This allows calls to be made from any place.

An incoming phone call is transferred to a virtual private phone number. It is possible to create virtual phone numbers that will forward calls depending on the time of day. For example, calls received between 9 and 5 on weekdays will be forwarded to an office while calls received at weekends will be forwarded to one’s mobile phone.

Examples of an example

Los Angeles or London-based businesses can use any number that is not tied to a fixed phone line. The virtual number offers an alternative to traditional offices and fixed office environments.


Not only migrants but also travelers and others who use international virtual telephone numbers have the option of calling their friends in their home country. Some businesses offer callbacks or calling card options. Virtual number works the same way access numbers do area code 480 area code and 520 area code.

Market –

Companies use virtual numbers to launch multiple marketing campaigns. It is possible to track which campaigns and media were successful.

Virtual business services –

Virtual companies may use a Virtual Telephone Number to connect to other services. Customers can access their address from anywhere on the earth and get their phone number, voice, voice presence, or phone number. Many VoIP providers offer virtual number services. These are known as DIDs, or direct-inward dial. These virtual numbers are available to be used for calls to different locations or toll free numbers.

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